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name of painting?

hey everyone -

i just purchased a serigraph of "conga girls at rest", and am now totally addicted... i'm thinking of getting 1 or 2 more of shag's works, and i've been looking everywhere for one that's stuck in my head... it's a picture of a party in someone's home, and a guy and a girl are up in front of the group demonstrating their loaded guns. does anyone know what it's called? i looked on shag's website, and i can't seem to find it...
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yup, that's it. i found it after another long search the other day. bummer is, there are no serigraphs of it. he did the painting, and that's it. *pout*

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i know, it's a bit pricey. i'm thinking of getting "her missing suitors" from a gallery i know, and it's $350 unframed. *cringe* not like buying an original Warhol, but still cuts into the rent. :)